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About us

Introducing Virtual Vapours

Virtual Vapours has been created as a bespoke Premium E-Liquid importer & wholesale distributor with the sole aim of helping you to grow your brand of E-liquids across the globe.

After setting up one of the most trusted and respected reviews websites Vape On Watt Reviews in June 2014 with a current viewing audience of over a million, it was time to apply some of our marketing skills built up over the past 26 years from the world of advertising to help you to grow your business.

The Vaping and E-Cigarette market is becoming more competitive and congested every day. New products, new suppliers, and new stores appear overnight, all competing for the attention of potential customers. Euro monitor forecasts the Vapour market to reach over $50 Billion within 25 years, and in a relatively young industry, establishing your brand presence is vital.

Working in Partnership

By making use of our presence, contacts, and reputation in the Vapour marketplace we can source stores throughout the UK on your behalf, and take orders directly, ensuring full payment in advance to you. We will provide free marketing of your products to a worldwide audience via our Vape On Watt Reviews website and our extensive social media channels.

For clients who choose to work exclusively through us, we will feature your e-liquids in other product reviews, including direct links to drive traffic to your website.

We leave you in control of shipping, allowing you to use your expertise to deliver the best possible customer service.

Building the Future

Our goal is to work closely with you to develop your market presence and distribution network.

We will offer you continued support and endeavour to build long-lasting relationships with our customers on your behalf.

For more information, and to discuss how we can assist in building your business, contact us now at virtualvapours@gmail.com


Virtual Vapours will not be liable for any HMC customs charges.

All of our prices are excluding VAT & Shipping Charges